Courier Email
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Safe, secure and reliable email for Windows - Courier delivers

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Courier Email Description

An exciting and all-new update to the acclaimed Calypso® email program, a favorite of email users for years, Courier sets a new standard of excellence for Internet email clients. With the ability to turn off display of HTML mail and an encrypted address book, Courier is immune to current email "worms" that replicate themselves by harvesting email addresses from the Windows Address Book and forwarding themselves to all of your contacts. Combined with an outstanding array of features and an intuitive, configurable interface, Courier is the premiere Internet email alternative.

* Support for multiple email accounts
* Configurable, intuitive interface
* Support for POP and IMAP mailboxes
* Ability to turn HTML mail viewing on or off in any window with a single mouse click
* "Color Markers" to help organize your messages
* Automatic mailbox backup
* Mailing list support, including "Blind Send" capabilities
* Superb mail filtering capabilities, including advanced anti-SPAM tools.
* Easily configurable for server and proxy based anti-SPAM programs.
* Address auto-completion when composing mail
* Multi-language spelling support
* Auto-response capability
* Mail templates
* Mail archiving
* Optional password protection for mailboxes

and much, much more!

When it comes to safe, secure, and reliable email for Windows, Courier delivers.

Courier Email Screenshots

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What's New in Courier Email 3.5

Plain Text/HTML toggling, Color Markers, enhanced HTML security options
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Courier Email Requirements

Operating Systems:


System Requirements:

12MB Disc space, at least one internet email account

Quick Specifications

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